Heavy Duty, Portable Standing Desk & Workstation

PLAN STATION TOTE (WS3600) - Plan Tote and Organizer



The PLAN TOTE & ORGANIZER by Plan Station is a convenient way for anyone transporting blue prints or other large files from one location to another. With four slots for blueprints and three pockets (including one zippered pocket) the Plan Tote attaches easily in any vehicle and can be carried like a tote from car to worksite or city office. Conveniently move all of your planning essentials, papers, and even a 13” laptop without a hassle.


  • Transport up to four blue prints at the same time
  • Three pockets; two for files, folders or laptop, one zippered pocket for everything else.
  • Hang in car with carrying strap or use as over the shoulder tote


  • Includes one plan tote and organizer
  • Recommended for up to four blue prints

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