Heavy Duty, Portable Standing Desk & Workstation


Need a space to spread out and plan the job?

Instead of wasting time building a temporary table, simply pound two nails into the wall, slip two 24 inch by 48 inch pieces of plywood into the fabric panels of the Plan Station and you have a complete work station in less than 5 minutes!

plan station

You'll be perfectly organized:

  •  Two rows of mesh pockets hold everything from pens, pencils and cell phone, invoices and materials lists.
  •  The work surface comfortably fits 24 inch by 36 inch blueprints.
  •  There's even a drink holder and an access slot for your computer's power cord.
  •  Hulking 600-denier nylon fabric is tough enough for the job site, reinforced   everywhere to take heaps of abuse.
  •  Hanging rings are spaced 48 inches on center for hanging on any stud wall.
  •  Need to quickly move to another location? Leave the plywood in and fold the unit   like a portfolio. There's even a convenient carry handle! 

Also great for use in your home office, workshop, garage, garden shed, warehouse, or any place where you need portable work space.