Heavy Duty, Portable Standing Desk & Workstation


"We were looking for a space-saving folding desk for our daughter's playroom recently and found the Plan Station Mini. It's just the perfect size for her and all of her art stuff. She has enough room for her coloring books, markers, play-doh and when she's done, it folds up and gets stored behind the door to the room. Here's a photo of her practicing her alphabet."

plan station mini

- Tessa (Longmont, Colorado)

"Just recently I purchased a motorcycle and store it in my garage when I'm not riding. I would put my helmet on my seat or set it on the ground, but with the Plan Station Mini, I can set my helmet down with my gloves and have my bike polish handy to shine her up before going for a ride. It's really convenient to have it hung next to where I park my bike and it doesn't take up much room! Thanks! 

Plan station mini

- Dan (Oswego, New York)