Project Partner


Project Partner

The Project Partner is a smaller version of the original Plan Station. It too is a portable hanging desk that provides an instant and efficient place to work whether you are on a building site, in your home office, garden, workshop, or any place where you need portable workstation. With this accessibility at an even more convenient size, you are free to carry the Project Partner along anywhere.


Currently, Plan Station only ships to the U.S. and Canada. However, other countries can inquire at

Featuresfeatures project planner

1. Heavy Duty Grommets at 32” center for quick installation and durable
2. Small Pockets for pens, calculators, phones, etc.
3. Drink Holder
4. Wire Access Slots to keep your cords out of the way
5. Large Pockets for folders, pads – Whatever you need!
6. Desk Space Project Partner comfortably fits 24” X 32” Blueprints.
7. Rugged Fabric Construction


* Plywood not included with order

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